Pretty in Purple

A couple of weeks ago I announced on Our Facebook page that we are now styling dessert tables. This is a really exciting addition for me because not only do I love crafting the fine details that go into each of my cake designs, but I also LOVE styling and making things visually stimulating. In the coming weeks we’ll be adding a new section to our website about this new service and how it all works, but for now while the team is busy coding things I don’t understand here’s our pretty in purple dessert table that was featured on Amy Atlas’s sweet design blog.

The theme of this dessert table was purple pom poms, so I used varying shades of purple, and styled the desserts to mimic the shape of pom poms. The table was set up on an ornately framed mirror topped with elegant silver vessels and cake stands. On the table I included lemon coconut cake truffles, white chocolate filled meringue puffs, vanilla bean marshmallows, cotton candy and raspberry infused lemon/vanilla cupcakes. The cake was covered in white fondant and then decorated with hand-crafted ruffled pom poms made out of sugar.

Photography by: Melanie Rebane Photography


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