A Few Wedding Cake Tips

Your cake does not need to feed all of your guests

Your cake should feed about sixty (60) percent of your guests if you are serving other desserts at your wedding, and about ninety (90) percent of your guests if you are only serving cake.

Simple doesn’t always mean cheaper

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the design. A three tiered, white cake with sugar flowers cascading top to bottom may look simple, but hours and hours of work go into creating those flowers. If you are having your cake professionally made, and budget is your main concern, talk to your cake designer about working within a set budget. There are lots of things a cake designer can do to cut cost and still get you the look you want. You might
also be surprised by what does fit within your budget. If you plan on making your cake
yourself, think about making the details in advance. If kept safe and dry, sugar flowers
and gumpaste details can last for months, even years.

Consider your venue when designing your cake

An oversized cake in an intimate setting, or a small, underdressed cake in a grand venue can look out of place and not so great in photos. The key to designing a cake to compliment
your event is to take the size, decor and seating plan into consideration. Your cake should
be an obvious focal point, but should not be so big or dramatic that it overpowers you
and your bride/groom. The cake should stand out from the details in your decor and should be positioned to stand out without obstructing any views. Think about varying table heights when positioning your cake. If you are looking for a bigger cake but don’t want to feed hundreds upon hundreds, fake tiers can be often be added to create the desired look.

Look elsewhere for inspiration

It is possible to create almost anything with sugar so there is no need to be limited by what you have seen. If you are having your cake custom made, challenge your cake designer to design a cake that truly reflects your personal style. Maybe you want to incorporate a lace pattern from your dress, a personal monogram, or your grandmothers brooch. Take as many ideas, photos, fabric samples etc. as you can to your consultation as it will help the design process.

The mood of your event is important too

Consider the mood of your event when designing your cake too. If your goal is to set a romantic tone, softer colours will probably help reflect that vision better than matching the vibrant red roses in your decor. If you’re planning a more colorful reception then maybe that three tiered white cake you saw in a magazine isn’t the best fit either. Whether you’re designing your cake yourself or having it made by a professional, think about the feeling you’re trying to achieve and try to incorporate that into your design.


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